Excel Paralubes

Westlake, Louisiana

Process Oil Railcar Loading Requirements

General Requirements:

  1. All railcars must be single compartment center loading (No split cars can be loaded).
  2. All railcars must have "truck center" lengths ranging from 41' 9" to 50' 9".
  3. Outage tables with shell capacities and tare weights will be provided to Excel Paralubes prior to loading. Proper stencil is required on railcar, (i.e. tare weight, gross weight, etc.) In addition, please advise as to whether the railcar is lined or unlined. All release samples will be taken from the top of the railcar. A standing vehicle waiver is approved by the partners for all unlined railcars waiving particulates in the bottom outlet sample.
  4. Customer should verify quality & quantity of product before off-loading. If there are any discrepancies, contact your Customer Service Center immediately.
  5. Excel Paralubes will only load clean railcars or Excel Paralubes base oil residual railcars. As long as the previous content of a customer-supplied railcar was an Excel Pure Performance base oil, any subsequent load(s) can be of any grade of Excel base oil without additional cleaning. The railcar will receive a preload inspection and must be clean and dry. (Customer-supplied railcars with non-Excel Paralubes residual oil will be considered for loading after a vehicle waiver request has been approved and a previous content MSDS has been supplied.
  6. Excel Paralubes will load railcars which have the top valve mechanism that opens the bottom outlet valve, with the release sample taken from the top of the railcar instead of the bottom outlet. A visual check sample cannot be taken from the bottom outlet.
  7. Phillips 66's standard demurrage policy allows customers to keep the railcar seven days on site at no charge. Detention charges begin on the eighth day and accrue at a rate of $50 per day. This rate is subject to change without prior notice.
  8. When Phillips 66's railcars have been offloaded, reverse route the railcar back to: Excel Paralubes, Westlake, LA.
  9. Superior Railcar Services, Inc. provides maintenance and repair service at Excel Paralubes. This contractor will also service customer railcars if necessary. Prior to performing any work on customer railcars, Phillips 66 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) will make every effort to notify the customer about immediate maintenance required for repair confirmation/approval.  If the CSR cannot reach the customer in a timely manner, all estimated repairs under $50.00 will be completed without customer consent to avoid delayed shipments. No repairs over $50.00 will be performed without customer consent.  Repair costs will be invoiced to the customer directly by Superior Railcar Services.

If you require further information, contact the Phillips 66 Customer Service Center at 1-800-527-3236 or 1-888-877-3170.